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We asked ourselves - Why does asking for your support make sense?

 The research we found makes the following points:

Arts promote true prosperity. Arts improve academic performance. Arts strengthen the economy. Arts are good for local merchants. Arts drive tourism. Arts are an export industry. Arts spark creativity and innovation. The Arts have a social impact. Arts improve health care. Arts embrace all cultures. Arts appeal to all ages.


As Friends of the Historic Seminole Theatre, we find this research to be more than a few good reasons TO ASK FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

We Thank You for your consideration.

The CIRCLEofFriends Membership Benefits program provides an array of giving choices, and joining creates a lasting connection with The Seminole Theatre and makes your commitment to support The FRIENDS 2022-2023 Goal visible. In return for your trust and generosity, the Friends of The Historic Seminole Theatre would like to make you feel included and welcomed by giving back through our Benefits Program  At every level your support is important and your membership is easily renewed year after year. Take a look and please JOIN!

Become A

Member Today!


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