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 Legends Society Members

Rotary Club of Homestead

Bronwen Rutter & NBR Foundation

Become a Legend in your own time!


After twenty-two years of hard work and perseverance, the Friends of the Historic Seminole Theatre have helped bring the Historic Seminole Theatre back to life.  To continue on this journey, we need your help.  Beginning in 2020, the Friends have established an Annual Legacy Endowment Fund that will not only continue to support the Historic Seminole Theatre in bringing high-quality programming and arts to our community, but will also serve to memorialize the wonderful people of our community.   With an annual commitment starting at just $5,000, you too can honour friends, family members and loved ones.


 Thank you for your continued support of the Historic Seminole Theatre.  For more information about our new Legends Society, please call 305.650.2073.

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